Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cool Site

Here is a cool site I found where you can add your own text to images. Check it out

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old skool fast food joints

Remember Burger Chef? It was sold to Hardees in 1981. Check it out: Hardees is still around in Michigan. I forgot about the one on the east side. There are actually 3 left in Michigan. Remember Arthur Treachers? There are none in Michigan left.

This guy is a tool too, by the way. It sucks he is named Jason. :-(

What happened to Long John Silvers? There are 5 left in Michigan. I used to tear up their hush puppies when I was a kid.

Remeber Top Hat. Piper used to tear that shit up, the one at 59 and telegraph. They tasted like shit to me. They became Sonic. There is now 1 in Michigan. In Southgate, 32 Miles from my house. The food looks awesome from the commercials. Who knows?

White Castle is still going strong. 36 locations the the southeast Michigan area. I still love a slider every now and then.

I can't think of anymore... anyone else?

Oh!!!! Rally's. The best fries in the universe!!! They are still Rally's in Kentucky and Indiana.
They became Checkers elsewhere:
There are 12 in the southeast Michigan area all within 25 miles. I might have to check them out. They look the same with the Rally's style fries. hmmmm...


So Piper cooked up some sausages tonight. That got me thinking...... 2 classic sausage videos for your pleasure.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random pics from my digital camera

Here are some random pics that were in my digital camera last time I downloaded the memory card.

Oliver found a warm spot

Sitting in the stands at Comerica Park

Drinking beer from a giant boot

Piper drinking from the same boot. Everybody drank from that boot. Kinda like the Stanley Cup.

Wires that came down in front of our house that caused a 5 day power outage. I estimated 90 mph winds. They were actually around 80 mph.

My small driveway garden

I have been growing hot peppers every year for the last 3 years. I am the only one that likes hot peppers and I usualay end up making a salsa with them. This year I decided to get 2 Tomato plants, an Okra plant, and a Green Pepper plant. The tomatoes are doing great so far. The Okra is a hybrid plant and has 4 vegtebles growing on it already! The Green Pepper plant had a nice pepper growing on it but the wind snapped it off. The wind also broke my dipole antenna that day as well but that is a different story. There is a lot of new growth on it so I am not worried. I might get 2 or 3 peppers still from it before the end of the season. I did have a few brown spots on the tomatoes and the leaves which worried me. I did some reading on tomato worms and I don't think I have any. I am a tomato virgin however so we will see when I harvest them. Here are some pics:

No too shabby for a driveway hobby garden. :)

My back is blown out again.

My back pain came back again a little after 1 year from the last time it was "bad". I didn't have to get the Morphine / Toradol / Flexeril cocktail this time tough. I ended up getting the Toradol shot and a CT Scan. I am supposed to go in a few days and see what the deal is. Pinched nerve? Surgery? who knows. I have been taking Muscle relaxers and Vicoden which has been helping some. The thing that sucks about it is that the pain has spread to my neck and shoulder on the left side. Also the pain has spread to my leg and foot. Basically the entire left side of my body is shot. If I sit too long it takes a few min before I can even walk. If I walk too long it takes a few min before I can even sit. It sucks. I have been on "light" duty at work which means no heavy stuff for a week. I am just glad it wasn't as bad as last time though. I have a high tolerance for pain but last time was just about the worst pain of my life. I am already starting to feel better now and probably within a few days I will be back to "normal". I have to get back to the gym and lose some weight. Wish me luck.

Another Revelation - Seperated at birth?

I have been saying this one for years.. lol!

Chad Smith - Drummer, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Will Ferrell - Comedian

Weird huh?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Biggest idiot so far this year

This is the biggest materialistic idiot I have seen this year. Go ahead and email her and let her know how "cool" it is to own 300 pairs of shoes and get shopping advice. I actually saw this on channel 4 news tonight. Must be a slow news night. People like this are sad. People like this have no clue about anything. Can anyone guess if she has a tribal tattoo on her lower back? or she maybe wears 1985 big, old lady sunglasses like my mom wore when I was a kid. and we wonder what is wrong with the city of Detroit / the nation.

Check it out if you wanna hurl -