Thursday, June 19, 2008

My radio, and life in general

Yes... I am still alive.. Lets start with a radio update. I got it back and it worked fine for about 2 hours and took a dive again. I sent it back and it was determined that it was a bad solder joint. Radio was fixed and sent back. It worked great for about 2 days and died again. It is back en route again for the 3rd time since the end of April. What sucks is that I won't have the radio back in time for field day next weekend. Field day is the biggest contest/emergency comms event of the year. I asked Ray at work if I can borrow his Yaesu FT-897. He said I could borrow it for the event, however he only has a hand mic with the radio and that sucks. I will have to lower my goal for 1000 contacts due to the fact that It will be hard for me to computer log and key the hand mic at the same time. So that about covers it for the radio side of things. My laptop motherboard burned out also and it would cost about $250.00 for a new board so I decided to part it out and sell it on Ebay.

We also had some big storms here last week with 80MPH winds that knocked our power out for 5 1/2 days. That sucked big time!!! We lived out of coolers with ice for the duration and I spent a lot of time reading. Piper, and the kids and I went to a Tigers game the week prior to that. My sister called and told us that her neighbor had free tickets. They were awesome seats, 20 rows behind the dugout with free parking right next to Comerica Park! It was the day after the Red Wings parade and the Stanley Cup made an appearance! That was the first time I ever saw the Cup in person. Piper and Andrew saw it 2 days in a row because they went down to the parade the day before that on Friday. Renteria hit a grand slam and the Tigers won 8-4 so it was pretty cool!

I went to the gym tonight with Piper also (I am way out of shape) for about a 45 min workout. I did 2 miles in 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and 3 Miles in 8 minutes on the stationary bike. I have decided to try to go at least 3 times a week now if not daily. I am up to 250lbs and I just feel unhealthy :( I didn't feel like I got a very good workout though, I was just starting to break a sweat when we were getting ready to leave. I think I am going to do a 3 mile elliptical and a 5 mile bike tomorrow (I know that is weak to most people but hey I am out of shape). This weekend I might even start to walk / jog. When we got home from the gym we had some pasta and chicken and took about a 30 minute walk. Now I need to quit smoking and cut my beer consumption way down and I should start losing the weight. Wish me luck!!!